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Here you’ll find free law notes Judicial Services, APO, LLM Entrance Exam. Click on the LAW SUBJECT in each category to get relevant free law notes, law books.

Law Notes: Notes and Law Library for LLB, LLM, Judicial Services, APP and Entrance Exams.

We provide legal/law notes Library and study materials of each and every law subject which are a part of the College Semester Examination LLB, BA LL.B, BBA LLB,  as well as for the Judicial Service examination( JMFC, Civil Judges etc) , UGC NEW Law, CLAT PG, NET, UPSC, PCS, APP, PP and others competitive exams relating to law.

All the notes and materials prepared by Our Legal World Team & Contributors are for the purpose to enlighten the knowledge of Law Students and help the legal fraternity. Any unauthorized use, circulation or reproduction shall attract suitable action under Copyright law.

We always try to provide the best notes & study materials. If you find any error or have any suggestions, criticisms  please write us to