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About IPR Club

IPR Club is a specialized research centre/blog of Our Legal World, which aims to promote the use and awareness of the IPR among legal and non-legal professionals, students and the general public at large. While legal education in Intellectual Property Rights is growing traction there is a need to do research on the various aspect of IPR. Through this Club, we endeavour to cover the latest updates, judgements, blogs and contractual knowledge on the IPR.

IPR Club focuses on interdisciplinary legal research in the areas of innovation, IP and tax, particularly using the law and economics approach. The Club aims to discuss contemporary issues of fundamental and empirical nature, conduct legal training in innovation, IP Law and Taxation and build a network of scholars in these areas.


Our Legal World IPR Club has been established in the year 2021 with the following objectives:

  • Policy Research, education and awareness through multi-disciplinary Approach.
  • Providing a framework for analyzing the impact of IPR law and Policy on the development and growth of the Indian Economy.
  • Dissemination of Knowledge and information on IPR Laws and Policy through teaching and outreach Programmes

Call for IPR Blog

The Blog is an initiative of the IPR Club Team to encourage research in the field of IPR and to promote an environment of debate and discussion on issues related to Technology law through the invitation of submissions from interested individuals.

The Blog shall serve as a resourceful one-stop destination for developments and legal insights in fields of IPR and technology law, ensuring further contribution to the existing jurisprudence in them.

Submissions to the blog shall be accepted on a rolling basis and shall be open to students, academicians and professionals.

A blog post shall be accepted for digital publication i.e. intellectual property law and/or technology law. It is essential that a post be contemporary to the current debates in IP or technology law and/or have an angle which deals with such debates. Authors are encouraged to contribute to pre-existing literature by providing novel perspectives/ ideas/ opinions through their posts. Submit IP Blogs

Internship Opportunity with IPR Club

The IPR internship program aims to foster research in IPR and writing. The Internship program will provide an excellent opportunity to familiarize with the activities of the OLW-IPR Club. Click here

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