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Media Partner: Media & Publicity Partnership for Law School Event: Our Legal World

Updated Policy: Dated- 30 July, 2020

Media & Publicity Partnership [Free]

Events could be: Law Seminars, Webinar, Conferences, Moot Court Competitions, Fests, Essay Competitions, MUNs, Debates, Article Writing etc. (Note: Basically something through which you are NOT earning money).

Media Partner for Law School Event

Law school/College events’ organizers are welcome to use our reach and traffic to publicize their events through our platform.

In case you wish to make OurLegalWorld as your event’s media and marketing partner, you’ll have to ensure that OurLegalWorld is the first website (other than the official college’s website) to publish your event.

Note: We generally publish all law school/College events for free and update the same once on the website, once on our Social Media platforms. And we will continue publishing posts for free forever.

Event Publication & Media Partner other than Law School events, i.e. law law website events Virtual Moot Court, Call for Paper, Article Competition, etc. [Note: Basically something through which you are earning money]  However, as your event media and marketing partners, we offer much more. 
  • Weekly/Fortnightly Facebook, Instagram & Twitter updates of your event
  • Link share of your event in our WhatsApp  group, Telegram 
  • Coverage of the event (provided it contains something ‘useful’ for law students)
  • Distribution of the event’s link to our Campus Ambassador across 20+ law/ School colleges in India

What we want in return:

  • A mention of Our Legal World as the media and marketing partner on your official website, event poster.
  • A mention in all official communications (brochures, emails etc.)
  • A one time payment of Rs. 500-1000/- (Each post)
Our Legal World stats:

  • Top Indian Law Blog/Website: Rank 24th
  • Unique visitors (monthly): 40-50k  
  • Page views (monthly): 80-90k
  • Facebook fans: 4000+
  • Instagram: 8500+

Advertise with us to reach out to Law Students & Law College etc.

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IMPORTANT: Before sending us a request for becoming your media/publicity partners, please ensure that your event/opportunity is published on Our Legal World Only after we will consider to become your media/publicity partners. No blanket media partnership agreement. 
Please mail us the above details at our email id i.e.
 NOTE: Our Legal World reserved all the rights to accept or reject your proposal.