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About Our Legal World 

Our Legal World is one of the leading Legal Community website for an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia etc. with the motto – Law ABOUT LAW. 

We provide free Indian Legal News, International Legal News, find Law notes, case Law, case comment/case study,  codes and informative articles and interviews empowering people to find their own online legal research without any training in legal research techniques. We publish upcoming competitions, career opportunities, including internships, publications in reputed law journals, paper presentations at national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, among others.


  1. Legal News
  2. Law School Updates:- Moot Court, Call for Paper, Law Internship, MUN, Law School event etc. 
  3. Law Job Updates 
  4. Law Notes- Judiciary Notes, Law School Notes, etc. 
  5. Lawyers, Law Professionals interview etc.
  6. Supreme Court, High Court’s Daily Judgments 
  7. Law Columns 

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Divisions/ Cells at Our Legal Woorld

● Judiciary Preparation Cell [JPC] ● Research & Innovation Division [rID] ● Communication & Social Media Cell [C&SM] ● Campus Ambassador Programme [CAP] ● Legal Blogs [Legal Articles, Law Notes, Legal News, Interviews, etc.] ● Opportunities [Internship, Job Post, Competitions, etc.]

We also provide internship opportunity to law students which help students to enhancing legal knowledge during law school life.