About Our Legal World

Our Legal World stands as a premier online platform, a cornerstone in the e-learning sphere for law students, legal practitioners, academicians, and enthusiasts with its guiding principle “Law ABOUT LAW.” The platform is committed to keeping its readers abreast of global legal developments, functioning as an authentic information source to understand intricate legal scenarios. Embracing submissions from various legal domains, the site employs a stringent double-blind review process, welcoming contributions from legal practitioners, academics, research scholars, and students alike.

Key Objectives and Offerings:

  1. Global Legal Awareness: Our Legal World pledges to disseminate the latest legal updates worldwide through legal columns and blogs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of legal happenings.

  2. Critical Analysis: The platform reviews and comments on a myriad of law-related topics, including judgments, offering insightful analyses.

  3. Educational Resources: Visitors are greeted with an array of features, including calls for papers, courses, internship opportunities, experiences, career advice, interviews, and details about upcoming events such as conferences, seminars, moot courts, workshops, essay/debate competitions, and more.

  4. Educational Support: Catering to aspiring legal minds, Our Legal World provides resources for law school admission, law notes, law entrance exam courses, and judicial services, empowering individuals in their academic pursuits.

  5. Research Centers: Two dedicated research centers— the Tax Laws Club and the IPR Club— focus on tax laws and intellectual property rights, fostering in-depth knowledge in these specialized domains.

Diverse Offerings and Opportunities:

The platform extends its reach globally, delving into international legal research on IPR and international tax law through the establishment of the IPR Club and Tax Laws Club. Additionally, paid services are available, including law school admission promotion, law event promotion, sponsored posts, and academy memberships.

Divisional Framework:

Various divisions and clubs like the Judiciary Preparation Club (JPC), Research & Innovation Divisions (rID) including the IPR and Tax Law Clubs, Communication & Social Media Cell (C&SM), Campus Ambassador Programme (CAP), Legal Blogs, and Opportunities (internships, job posts, competitions) provide a structured and diverse space for engagement and contribution.

Internship Opportunities:

Recognizing the value of practical learning, Our Legal World offers internship opportunities to law students, enriching their legal knowledge during their academic journey.

Get Involved:

For those seeking to collaborate, advertise, or share opportunities, internship experiences, articles, or notes, the platform encourages reaching out via email at info@ourlegalworld.com.

Our Legal World is a comprehensive haven for legal enthusiasts, offering a rich repository of resources, insightful analyses, and opportunities, enriching the legal fraternity worldwide.