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Jurisprudence MCQ- LLM/UGC-NET PDF [CLAT PG, AILET, ILI, Delhi University etc.]

1. Who says “Jurisprudence is the Study  and systematic arrangement of the general principles of law”?



2. Who said “law grows with the growth and strengthens with the strength with the people and finally dies away the  nation loses its nationality”?


3. Which school of jurisprudence is concerned with “positus”


4. Who termed analytical school as ‘imperative jurisprudence’?


5. According to this jurist, society is like an organism and it can progress when it is guided by scientific principles. Who is he?



6. Who is mainly known for his work ‘reality of group personality’?


7. Who wrote the book “Legal Thinking Revised”?


8. Who said that norms are operative and they are felt by the judge to the binding and therefore obeyed?


9. Who wrote the “Law and Modern Mind”?


10. Who is the profounder of Vienna School of Thought?


11. Criticising the Hart’s Theory, who said that legal system being an instrument to regulate human conduct must concern itself with both law “as it is” and “as is ought to be”?


12. Who said that “law is the art of science of what is equitable and good”?


13. Criticizing the Salmond’s definition of law, who said that “what should we think of a medicine as drug prescribed by a doctor”?


14. Who said that the law of every modern state shows  as at a thousand the influence of both the accept social morality and wider moral ideals?



15. Who wrote the piece “Justinians Corpus Corpus Juris Civilis”?


16. Who is the Creator of ‘Origins of Mohannedan Jurisprudence”?


17. ………..states that all the actions of human beings are controlled by two sovereigns, namely ‘pain’ and “pleasure


18. Which one of the following jurists belongs to ancient theories of natural law.?


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