Udghosh – The Annual Sports Meet @ IIT Kanpur [Sep 27-29]: Register by Sep 20

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Udghosh – The Annual Sports Meet @ IIT Kanpur [Sep 27-29]: Register by Sep 20

About IIT Kanpur

Established in the year 1960, IIT Kanpur has since then been one of the leading centers of research and education. It is one of the most sought-after engineering colleges in India and also has global recognition.

About Udghosh

Udghosh is the annual sports meet of IIT Kanpur.

It is one of the largest intercollegiate sports festivals of India with a footfall of more than 60,000! It serves as an excellent platform for students of various institutes to exhibit and enhance their skills.

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Participants from all over the country gather to witness marvellous displays of passion, zeal, drama, and respect. Udghosh, in the truest sense, is an exhibition of sporting fervour, and success in the meet has been ratified by continued success higher up in the sporting hierarchy.


Udghosh organises 22 sports events with huge participation of both boys and girls from over 200 colleges across the country.
To provide talent with the right push forward with elements of inspiration, Udghosh also plays host to some of the most renowned sports personalities.

There are various other attractions too, like the pronites, the comedy night, informal, and exhibitions – they are sure to entertain you to your heart’s content.

Udghosh also promotes social causes like “Udaan, a sports extravaganza for specially-abled students” and many more.

The list of Sports Events are as follows:

  1. Athletics
  2. Badminton
  3. Basketball
  4. Carrom
  5. Chess
  6. Cricket
  7. Football
  8. Hockey
  9. Kabaddi
  10. Lawn Tennis
  11. Skating
  12. Sports Quiz
  13. Squash
  14. Swimming
  15. Table Tennis
  16. Taekwondo
  17. Volleyball
  18. Weightlifting

The fest is conducted in order to promote the sports culture in colleges. Through Udghosh IIT Kanpur offers a platform to students of numerous educational institutions from all over the country to exhibit and hone their skills in the arena of sports.

It promotes healthy competition among students of various colleges. IIT Kanpur also promotes social causes through the medium of Udghosh to garner public attention and support towards the social causes.



The Pronites offer an eclectic mix of ways to unwind from the stress involved in professional sport. Dance to your heartbeat, sing to your soul, groove to the beats, jump like a pogo-stick, lose yourself in the madness!

Zestful nights that turn into mornings, with memories to cherish forever. With household names like Amit Mishra, Indian Ocean, Club Banditz, and The Local Train gracing the occasion with their presence, Udghosh has only gone from strength to strength.

Comedy Nite

At times, a good laugh is all you need. Udghosh offers exactly that with its Comedy Nite giving the audience new premises and revelling punchlines to take home.

After all, what can be a better welcome to the weekend than laughing your lungs out with some of the best comedians in the nation?

Playing host to superstars like Rahul Subramanian, Nishant Tanwar, Vipul Goyal, and Aakash Gupta, the Comedy Nite has always lived up to its reputation of being one of the most-awaited nights!

Campus Ambassador

Campus ambassadors are representatives of Udghosh in their respective colleges. They are the points of contact between their colleges and the core team of Udghosh.


  • Chance to represent Udghosh in your respective colleges and be a part of one of the largest sports festivals of the country.
  • Be a mode of communication between Udghosh and your college.
  • Chance to hone your communication and organisational skills.
  • Get your leadership skills certified by Udghosh.
  • Chance to meet Celebrities and well-known Artists.
  • Get unrestricted access to Road Trips.
  • Chance to win Internships, Goodies and Passes.

IIT Kanpur, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India – 208016.


Don’t miss the chance to become a part of the 16th edition of one of India’s largest sports festivals.

To register, click here.

Registration Fee

Rs.1300/- to be paid online. Visit our website for further details.


20th September 2019.

Contact info

Mobile number: +91-8279649936 and +91-7388696150

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