New Administrative courts established in Hungary

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New Administrative courts established in Hungary

Hungary Parliament has passed new legislation establishing a new system of administrative courts during the scandalous parliamentary session. Drafts of the two bills, T/3353 and T/3354, were submitted by the government on November 6 and passed with 131 in favor and two against and 130 in favor and 3 against, respectively.

This legislation places the new administrative court system under the firm control of the Minister of Justice, which some say might threaten judicial independence and separation of powers in a politically sensitive area, as this legal forum offers judicial review against potentially illegal administrative state actions.

This legislation provide jurisdiction of the new administrative courts ranges from cases of public concern, including elections, corruption, asylum, and peaceful assembly, to economic matters from disputes over taxation to the issuing of construction and building permits to media and market competition.

The new administrative court has two-level administrative court system will feature 8 courts of judicature competent in first instance cases and an Administrative High Court that will be at the level of the Curia, Hungary’s supreme court, having some of its duties in connection with the administration, including special first-instance judiciary review cases, such as the revision of decisions by the National Election Committee.

 The new administrative courts will begin operating on January 1, 2020.


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