My Experience participating in the National Article Writing Competition on Abortion Law, Our Legal World

My Experience participating in the 2nd National Article Writing Competition on Abortion Law, organized by Our Legal World 2020

Name: Nisheeth Chandrachoor

College and Year of Study

3rd year , LL.B Law Centre -1, University of Delhi.

I want to start off saying that participating in this competition was really wonderful. I learned a lot of new and useful writing skills all while having a good time along the way. Earlier, I have written few articles on “Gender justice”, but never had touched the aspects on abortion law. Participating in this competition gave me an opportunity to study this topic from various perspective. I studied Jurisprudence, the political, health system, legal, juridical, moral & ethics issues and socio-cultural realities surrounding existing law and policy in India while writing on abortion law.

This Article writing competition was different for me. The theme of the competition has inspired me most. The given theme is very much contemporary, and has been much ignored in debates and discussion.

I wish ,Our Legal World team should come up with more such like competitions because writing on Contemporary issues give law students an opportunity to integrate their academic learning with latest social, political, legal trends and developments.

Receiving the 2nd prize had been a very memorable experience. One of the many things it had done for me was to increase my motivation to participate in other competitions .

I wish Our Legal World team all the success in their new initiatives which will go a long way in furthering the inclusive legal education in India and abroad.

I hope to be able to participate in more competitions in future so as to further improve myself.

Prize Money

Rs. 3000/- received through Google Pay

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