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LLM Entrance Mock Test- Our Legal World

1. After which one of the following supreme court decisions was the special provision for socially and educationally backward classes introduced by an amendment of the constitution


2. The supreme court does not have original jurisdiction regarding a dispute between


3. Which one of the following amendments inserted the words ‘nothing in Article 13 shall apply to any amendments made under this Article in Article 368


4. Which one the following has been considered supreme as course of power


5. Right to work in India is a


6. A constitutional amendment shall also be ratified by legislature of not less than one-half of the states by a resolution if it is meant to make any change in


7. Which one the following is the correct statement in the decision in D.C. Wadhwa v. State of Bihar


8. The words ‘Socialism’ and ‘secular’ were inserted in the preamble by the


9. The doctrine of prospective overruling was first evolved by the Chief justice Subba Rao in


10. What can’t be done directedly can’t be done indirectly. This statement epitomizes the doctrine of


11. Which one the following is not a Directive principle of the state policy


12. Dispute between states in India come to the supreme court under


13. Which one of the following pairs is correctly  matched


14. Which of the following article deals with Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the states


15. Legal Profession is a subject matter in the


16. A person not complying with the condition of pardon


17. ‘Active concealment of fact’ is associated with which one of the following?


18. X makes a proposal to Y, which Y accepts. But before the acceptance comes to the knowledge of X, Y revokes his acceptance by telegram. When is the revocation complete?


19. A promise not supported by consideration is called


20. Continuing guarantee is defined in


21. Which statement is wrong regarding ‘agency’ under the Indian Contract Act, 1872


22. The communication of acceptance is complete as against the acceptor


23. Ambiguous and uncertain agreement are defined is section


24. Right of subrogation means


25. If a contract is caused by a mistake as to Indian Law then the contract is


26. A former promise to pay B Rs. 500 if it rains in the 3rd week of June. The agreement is


27. Which of the following is matched correctly?


28. For the purpose of section 54 of the Indian Partnership Act, an agreement in restraint of trade is


29. The firm is for the wrongful acts of the partner


30. . Which of the following sections of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 deals with the ‘conduct of the business’?


31. Section 6 of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930 deals with


32. Implied conditions and warranties are

  1. Conditions and warranties which are implied in wordings of the contract
  2. Conditions and warranties which law implies in to every sale of goods unless they are excluded
  3. Both a and b
  4. NOTA

33. Which of the following is not an essential requisite of a contract of sale?


34. A contract of sale is a contract of sale by sample


35. The principle of caveat emptor is based on the presumption that the buyer is relying


36. In Muslim law doctrine of representation is used

  1. NOTA

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