List of certain features of Indian Constitution taken from other countries

List of certain features of Indian Constitution taken from other countries 

The Indian Constitution is a unique document in content and sprite. Although in Indian Constitution has pick up from many countries, constitution or political document. It had borrowed and drafted according to the Historical perspective, Geographical diversity and cultural and traditional characteristic of India.                


 1. Parliamentary government
 2. Rule of Law
 3. Legislative procedure
 4. Single citizenship
 5. Cabinet system
 6. Prerogative writs
 7. Parliamentary privileges
 8. Bicameralism


 1. Directive Principles of State Policy
 2. Method of Election of the president
 3. Members nomination to the Rajya Sabha by the President

   Unites States of America

 1. Impeachment of the president
 2. Functions of president and vice-president
 3. Removal of Supreme Court and High court judges
 4. Fundamental Rights
 5. Judicial review
 6. Independence of judiciary
 7. Preamble of the constitution


 1. Centrifugal form of federalism where the centre is  stronger than the states.

 2. Residuary powers vest with the centre
 3. Centre appoints the Governors at the states
 4. Advisory jurisdiction of the supreme court


 1. Concept of Concurrent list
 2. Article 108 i.e. Joint sitting of the two houses
3. Freedom of trade and commerce

  USSR (Now Russia)

 1. Fundamental duties
 2. The ideals of justice (social, economic and political),  expressed in the Preamble.


 1. Concept of  “Republic”
 2. Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity(contained in the Preamble)


 1. Fundamental Rights are suspended during Emergency

South Africa

1. Election of members of the Rajya Sabha
2. Amendment of the Constitution


 1. Concept of “procedure established by Law

Dr. Ambedkar had said  – “As to the accusation that the Draft Constitution has reproduced a good part of the provisions of the Government of India Act, 1935, I make no apologies. There is nothing to be ashamed of in borrowing. It involves no plagiarism. Nobody holds any patent rights in the fundamental ideas of a Constitution….

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