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Centre for the Study of Law and Governance was established under the aegis of Institute of Law, Nirma University and has been continuously committed towards the dissemination of knowledge and research in the field of Constitutional Law and Governance with special emphasis on Justice and the Rule of Law. The Centre endeavors to adopt a multidisciplinary approach of framing research and teaching on the complex relationship between law and governance in its various forms and at different facets which are central to several contemporary issues and reforms.


Journal of Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG) bearing ISSN No. 2348-7801 is an initiative of the Centre for the Study of Law & Governance. It aims to provide a forum for discussions and debate on public law, governance and politics in order to contribute to the interand intra-regional discourse amongst all the stakeholders of society, particularly the advocates, academics, researchers, NGOs and Students. Nevertheless, the Journal addresses contributors and readers from all sections of society and welcomes contributions from all related sciences as well as from representatives of courts, executive authorities, and agencies of development cooperation.

It also seeks to provide a peer-reviewed venue for academic analysis in which the legal lens allows scholars and practitioners to address issues of compelling concern to the India. Through this approach, CLG hopes to contribute to shared understandings between peoples, and enhanced discourse on institutional and human development at the local and global levels.


Journal of Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG) bearing ISSN No. 2348-7801 hereby invites submission for its December, 2019 issue in the form of Articles, Book Reviews or case comments.


1. Articles (4000-4500 words, including footnotes and abstract).
2. Book reviews/case commentary/ short notes (1000-1500 words, including footnotes).
Kindly adhere to word limit prescribed.


The submissions to the journal of center for the study of law and governance are invited from both under graduate and post graduate students as well as Ph. D scholars, academicians and legal professionals.




1. Covering Letter: All submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter stating title of the article, theme, author’s Full name, University and year of study and the author’s contact details. Only the covering letter should contain the above-mentioned details and not the manuscript.

2. Submission must be in MS Word format only.

3. Main Text: Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing justified, with a normal margin of 1.0 inches on all sides. The first line of the paragraph is not to be indented

4. Foot Notes- Times New Roman, font size 10, speaking footnotes are not allowed in any case scenario.

5. Citation Style: The Bluebook Uniform System of Citation (20th edition) shall be strictly
adhered to.

6. Word Limit: The length of the paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations, etc., should not exceed prescribed word limit.

7. All tables, charts, graphs, figures etc. should be kept to the minimum. They should be given on separate sheets with sources indicated at the bottom.

8. Abstract: The type should be accompanied by an abstract in about 250 words along with a declaration that the paper has not been published or sent for publication elsewhere.

9. Mode of Submission: Entries are to be sent at latest by 25th November, 2019 (11:59 pm).


1. All submissions are required to be addressed to:
The Editor, Journal of Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG), Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2. Contributions should be emailed to

3. Co-authored papers should give details about both the authors.

4. Contributors are requested to provide full details for correspondence: postal address, daytime phone numbers and email address.


1. The submissions must be original and should not be under consideration in any other journal.
Articles with plagiarism and copyright issues are liable to be rejected immediately. Journal of
Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG) shall not be subject to any liability which
may arise in this regard.

2. Submission of work to the Journal of Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG) is
indicative of the fact that the authors grant exclusive permission to JCLG to publish and
reproduce their work in all streams of media. Such right is subject to the doctrine of fair use as
followed under the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights and subject to the entitlements
of the author.

3. The editors reserve the right to delete or edit any article or part thereof whose content is found
to be offensive, defamatory, out-rightly unethical, or if it is suggestive of racism, sexual or
religious discrimination, illegal or terror activities etc. The article is subjected to rejection if
its content is likely to offend the religious or political sentiments of the reader.

4. A process of peer-review shall be used to scrutinize all the submissions. Following this, the
authors of selected papers will be notified of the results.


The contribution presented and accepted for publication and the copyrights therein shall be the
sole intellectual property of Journal of Center for the Study of Law & Governance (JCLG) and
Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.


Last date for Submission: 25th November, 2019


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  • In case of any urgent or immediate quarry, please contact:
    Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Tarkesh Molia
  • Faculty Editor: Dr. Vikas Upadhayay
  • Student Editor, JCLG: Mr. Vishal Singhal (+91 9131264764)


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