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Shubhangi Tripathi

Rostrum legal

Application Process
I had to send my CV along with a cover letter to Rostrumlegal

February 2019 to March 2019

First Day
It is a small start-up in a rented apartment shared with other startups. The first day I was introduced to my supervisor who was humble and helpful and she acquainted me with the tasks I had to discharge.

Main tasks
The startup offers online legal courses and as an intern my job was to draft these courses on the subjects and format provided to me by my supervisor.

The environment was amazing; my supervisor was extremely helpful and supportive. She attended to my queries.

Best things
There was nothing good about the internship except my supervisor. As people who have taken up courses from the startup must know that it’s extremely unprofessional.

Bad things

When I applied for the internship I was promised a stipend of rupees 2000-4000, where I drafted 11 courses for the organisation and wrote atleast 3 elaborate articles and it has been 4 months and I am being denied my stipend.
I wanted to share this experience with my fellow law students because being a law student I was cheated with no remedy. I wrote 1000s of mails to the Founder Mr Aunkar, called him and texted him about the same. Where he threatened me that I will ruin my relationship with the organisation.

I spent atleast 300 rupees everyday, and did not get even what was rightfully earned by me. It is a small amount that wouldn’t make any difference to me, but says a thousand words about the unprofessionalism of Mr Aunkar who has ultimately stopped taking my calls.

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Like I mentioned before I was promised a stipend at the beginning of my internship, which after drafting 11 courses and writing 4 articles and doing all that was needful stays pending even after 4 months.
I feel cheated, because being a young founder himself Mr Aunkar should have respected my hardwork and the money that I earned from it. I feel like I was just some free labourer for them who worked hard only to be made a fool of in the end.

Biggest Lessons
To never work with startups with zero reputation and only a thousand paid adds on lawctopus is the only lesson learnt in this month of hardwork. I suggest no one to intern under this organisation.
I am a respectful person who has always been appreciated and rewarded by every firm/organisation/senior I have interned with. But I guess I learnt my lesson, never to intern with small startups.


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