Internship Experience @RGICS, Delhi

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Student Name, College and Year of Study
Rahul Ranjan, Lloyd Law college, B.A.LL.B 1 ST Year

Name of the Organisation, City and State
Rajiv Gandhi Institute For contemporary studies. (RGICS) Delhi
23 rd May to 23 rd August

Application Process
An internship application form has to be filled which is given on the website along with cover letter, CV, Recommendation letter with their completely filled application form which they asked you to write 500 words. The mail should be sent at least 3 months before the
commencement of the internship.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions
Everybody in the office is incredibly welcoming and warm. A house’s all rooms filled with files, records and documents. It’s the common feature of every room there. On the first day of the internship, I was asked to report to the office at 9 am. After waiting for about one hour, Associate briefed me about the ‘dos’ and ‘don’t s’ of the internship.
However yuvraj sir gave my all assignment and he explained me every thing. During my internship time I had work on governance and development (G&D) .In my internship period time I got my personal chamber. The first work I got was to do research on a right based legislation for which I had to assist sir with the relevant status of legislation.

Main Tasks
Once the mentor is allotted to you, now it’s upon your calibre that how much you can learn from them. I was very lucky throughout my internship as 99% of my work was legal. My work includes supporting the project by conducting secondary and primary research. Developing reports and presentations that summarise the findings.

Work culture at the organization

This platform is very helpful to learn something new every day. Even one project, I learn and participate in as the fundamentals of law from beginning to end. On special occasions, everyone in the office would be given a delicious treat straight from the office’s pantry.

Good things about the internship

The overall internship experience was good, positive and recommendable. Then organisation is well-known in the field of rights based legislation in India and is proactive to participate in many awareness programmes along with the Government bodies to educate the public at large the benefits and current issues of the subject. Everyone is cooperative there. There are many associates but I was closed with two associates piyush and subhrali both are very helpful they helped me a lot. In short I would like to thank you both of them.RGICS introducing me to this great opportunity in which I have developed myself both academically, professionally and socially. In my internship time I met many prominent ministers like former president pranab Mukherjee, former vice president Mohammad Hamid Ansari,kapil sibal, Ms Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, manmohan singh, Kts tulsi.

Bad things about the internship

I have nothing to label as bad things or bad experience

10k per month so I have earned 30k in my 3 months.

Lessons learnt

Law is a jealous mistress!!!
My three-month internship is over, I feel I have really learned a lot. I travel 4 hours a
day to reach the office and then home. Earlier I used to believe that I am wasting my
time. I was looking for a better option. I was thinking to find a PG near the office or
planning to drop the internship ASAP. But Rgics is hard to leave. I love my work and
office both. So dropping was not an option.

Then I started finding an idea to make the best use of travelling hours. Earlier, my
travelling hours were stressful, during the whole journey I used to think about my
useless hours. Then I started watching videos on the phone motivational videos on the phone.

Yes, we can think like Einstein only if we have nothing to think upon.
What do you think like Einstein?
Ask yourself.
After 40 rejections from different companies in my applications to get an internship, I was having this personal conflict in my mind believing that I was not good enough such as my disability, native language, ethnicity, and interview skills. However, something in my self was telling me, “Rahul, life has something very special for you. An awesome internship is waiting for you. Keep trying, don’t give up!”

Then, the 36th interview came with a company Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and they said, “Yes, we want you as an intern in our Delhi office.” It was the first one that trusted in me. The first that saw my disability as an instrument to build a better working world. The first one that still makes me feel proud of my self.

After 2 months of internship, I have received the offer to be part of the Rajiv gandhi family in 20 july 2019.Now, I understand that life prepared this firm for me where inclusiveness and diversity are the cornerstone of their success. Thank you so much Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for being the answer to my prayers.


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