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CV Drafting, Projects, Memorials, Case Law Research Papers- Our Services

We (Our Legal World0 have vast experience in CV/ SOPs writing, drafting, researching and memorials writing, projects and other documents. We are committed towards utilising and sharing our experience of legal research, drafting and project or research paper submissions and oral presentations along with related guidance required by law students.

We can help you in building presentations, legal dissertation, moot court memorials, Law Projects, Research Papers, Case Studies, Law School Assignment and Essays.

CV Review & Drafting

Applying for a job/ internship at Law Firm/ Company/Government Organization?

We at Our Legal World offer the solution of getting your drafted by us. All resume will be Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Compliant, which useful in applying to top law firms, companies, lawyers chamber etc.

We also provide a detailed review of your CV with suggestions to help you land your dream internship /job.

  • Drafting a new CV from scratch
  • CV Review with guidance
Projects and Assignment

We assist in making well-researched Projects and Assignment within a short period. Also, the law student can choose the topic of his own.

Research/ Article Publication

Law Research papers prove your research skills in writing and legal research to the recruiters and academicians. We provide assistance in writing a quality research paper as per your need. We ensure plagiarism free services and using best legal research tool.

Legal Drafting & Memorial

Moot Court Memorial

Moot Court Competitions are an inherent part of law school life. One of the important parts of this competition is drafting a Moot Court Memorial.  We assist in making memorials of Moot Court Competitions based on any subject matter with proper formatting.

Case Briefs & Case Law Research

Legal Dissertation


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