Call for Submissions for Criminal Law Blog by Project 39A, NLU Delhi: Rolling Submissions

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Project 39A invites submissions to its Criminal Law Blog. The blog is a platform for academic and interdisciplinary engagement focused on contemporary issues in criminal law and criminal justice. 

About Project 39A

Project 39A, based out of National Law University, Delhi is inspired by Article 39-A of the Indian Constitution that furthers values of equal justice and equal opportunity.

They are committed to interdisciplinary engagement with the criminal justice system through research, pro bono legal representation, and public communication. The areas of focus are legal aid, torture, forensics, mental health and criminal justice, and the death penalty.

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About the Blog

The Criminal Law Blog aspires to provide a platform for academic engagement with issues pertaining to the criminal justice system. They believe that a nuanced and multidisciplinary discussion of these issues will enable us to meaningfully examine the structural challenges and harsh realities of the criminal justice system in India.

Through this blog, they hope to trigger conversations that usher a deeper understanding of our criminal justice system and inspire critical thinking. While the focus of this blog is criminal law and justice, they also encourage perspectives through a diversity of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, anthropology and science. 

Who can Submit?

The blog particularly encourage students (across disciplines) to submit relevant pieces and be a part of the conversation on criminal justice reform. 

Submission Guidelines

  • The blog is currently accepting short form  posts between 1200-1500 words and long form posts between 2200-2500 words in English. It accepts co-authored submissions.
  • They are looking to publish academic writing on criminal law and the criminal justice system. While interdisciplinary articles are strongly encouraged, they must relate to the criminal justice system.  
  • Issues in the news cycle are not a dominant consideration for identifying articles of interest and authors are encouraged to identify issues beyond the news cycle. 
  • All posts must be original and unpublished works of the author/s. All posts will be subject to a plagiarism check. 
  • On publication of an original article on the blog, the author cannot publish the same article or a substantially similar article in any other publication or any other platform without prior approval from Project 39A. All such re-publication shall explicitly acknowledge that the article was first published on the Project 39A Criminal Law Blog.
  • Cross-posting any article published on the Project 39A Blog shall require prior permission from Project 39A and shall require explicit acknowledgment at the beginning that the article was first published on the Project 39A Criminal Law Blog.
  • All posts are subject  to review by the editorial board. The editorial board may suggest changes to the submission and it reserve the right to publish the piece upon the changes being duly incorporated to the satisfaction of the editorial board. 
  • All sources must be hyperlinked in the text of the blog. Please do not use footnotes.
  • The submissions must be accompanied by a suitable title and a brief biography of the author/s. The editorial board reserves the right to change the title of the article without prior approval of the authors and also choose appropriate photographs (abstract or specific photographs to reflect the subject matter) to accompany the final blog post. 
  • The blog communicates the decision on publication within two weeks of submission and no later than three weeks. The decision to publish, as indicated above, may be subject to the editorial process. 

Review Process

Every submission to the blog undergoes a rigorous feedback process, focused on helping authors enhance the quality of their submissions.

Selected articles are forwarded to our distinguished Editorial Board, comprising renowned legal scholars and lawyers, who also provide detailed feedback.

Submission Deadline

The blog takes submissions on a rolling basis.

Contact Information

In case of further queries, please feel free to reach out to