List of Important Judgment Of Supreme Court Of India Delivered In 2017

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25 Important Judgment Of Supreme Court Of India Delivered In 2017

1.Right To Privacy Is A Fundamental Right

2.Triple Talaq Unconstitutional

3.Placing Ordinance Before Legislature Mandatory; Re-Promulgation Fraud On The Constitution

4.Sex With Minor Wife Is Rape

5.Seeking Vote In The Name Of Religion/Caste Is Corrupt Practice

6.Death for Nirbhaya convicts

7.High Court Judge Jailed for Contempt

8. Guidelines On Senior Designation

9.Guidelines To Reduce Road Accident Deaths

Important Supreme Court Judgment Pronounced on January 30

10. Criminal Conspiracy Charges Restored Against LK Advani And Others

11. Deadline To Make Public Place Accessible To Visually Disabled

12.Can’t Direct Video Conferencing In Transfer Petitions

13.Legal Heirs Can Prosecute Complaint

14. Uphaar Tragedy: Ansal Sentenced…

15.Directives To Prevent Misuse of Section 498A of IPC

16.Speedy Disposal Of Bail Pleas

17. Aadhaar-IT Returns Link Is Alright

18.States Not Empowered To Create Office Of Parliamentary Secretary

19.Cheque Bouncing Cases Can Be Closed  if complainant is compensated

20.Woman’s Right To Love And Reject

21.SIT For Manipur Extra Judicial Killings

22.Every Author Has A Fundamental Right To Speak Out Ideas Freely And Express Thoughts Adequately

23.Accused Is Entitled To Default Bail After 60 Days For Offences Punishable With ‘Imprisonment Up To 10yrs’…

Nature and Scope of Article 136 of the Constitution

24.Landmark Directions on Prison Reforms…

25.Dismissal Of  CJAR’s Plea With 25 Lakhs Cost- Darkest Episode of 2017…


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