15 Ferbrury Important Judgment Supreme Court

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15 Ferbrury Important Judgment Supreme Court

1. Ganga Kumar v. State of Punjab 


The Supreme Court has held that it is a mandatory legal requirement to specify whether sentences awarded to an accused convicted for two or more offences, would run concurrently or consecutively.

Section 31 of the Code of Criminal Procedure makes it is mandatory to specify as to whether the sentences awarded to the accused would run concurrently or consecutively when the accused is convicted for more than one offence in a trial.
Bench Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre and Justice Dinesh Maheshwari


2. Arun Kumar Manglik v. CHIRAYU HEALTH Medicare Private LTD.


“In a specific case where unreasonableness in professional conduct has been proven with regard to the circumstances of that case, a professional cannot escape liability for medical evidence merely by relying on a body of professional opinion.”
In the judgment, Justice Chandrachud discussed the evolution of Medical negligence jurisprudence in India. He noted that the standard of care which is expected of a medical professional is the treatment which is expected of one with a reasonable degree of skill and knowledge. Medical negligence jurisprudence in India is characterized by a reliance on the ‘Bolam test’,



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