Torts Case Laws e-Flashcard Series for Judicial Services/LLM/ Law Exam

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Torts Case Laws e-Flashcard Series for Judicial Services/LLM/ Law Exam.

Torts Case Laws for CLAT, AILET, DU etc Law Entrance Exam.

1. Hall v. Brook lands Auto Racing Club (1932)All. ER221

The spectator was injured in the game. It was held that the plaintiff impliedly took the risk of the injury that was there in such a game i.e Auto Racing Club.

2. Limpus v. London General Omnibus Co. (1862) 1H & L525

The master make specific instructions that the bus driver was not supposed to indulge in the race with another bus. In defiance of the specific instruction, the driver engaged in a race and caused an accident. It was held that in spite of the prohibition from the master the servant was still in the course of employment and master.

3. Hicks v. Faulker (1878) 8 QBD 167

The Court held that it is reasonable and probable cause when the defendant has sufficient ground for thinking that the plaintiff was probably guilty of the crime imputed.

4. Smt. S.R. Venkatraman v. Union of India AIR 1979 SC 49

Malice in Law: It means a willful act done without legal excuse or justification. A wrongful intention is presumed in case an unlawful act is done without just an excuse.

5. Glasgow Corpn v. Muir (1943) A.C. 488

Muir v Glasgow Corporation 1943 SC(HL) 3, is a leading case in the development of the law of negligence and forms part of Scots delict law and English tort law.

6. Nagendra Nath Ray v. Basanta Das Vairagya ILR(1929) 47 Cal.25

It was held that proceeding before police authorities is not prosecution.

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