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1. Lalita Kumari v. State of UP
FIR mandatory in cognizable cases
2. Mohd. Ahmad Khan vs Shah Bano Begum
Section 125 of CrPC is Secular
3. D.K. Basu v. State of Bengal
SC guidelines relating to rights of the arrested person
4. Nilabati Bahera v. States of Orissa
Compensation in case of unlawful arrest and detention
5. Sheela Barse v. State of Maharashtra
Rights of women relating to arrest
6. Chanmuniya  v. Virendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha
Right of maintenance in Live-in-Relationship
7. SAHIVA Shankar Singh v. State of Bihar
Filing of Multiple FIR
8. Joginder Kumar v. State of UP
SC guidelines relating to rights of the arrested person
9. State of UP V. Singhara Singh
Section 164 by necessary implication prohibits the
magistrate from giving oral evidence of the confession made to him
10. Satya Pal Singh v. State of MP
Father of deceased victim has right to appeal
11. State of Madhya Pradesh v. Rustum
Computation of period of 60/90 u/s 167 of CrPC
12. CBI v. Anupam J. Kulkarni
Police Remand can not exceed 15 days
13. Mubarak Ali v. State of Bombay
Offence triable where the act is done
14. Shakuntala Devi v. State of U.P.
Availability of Civil Remedy does not bar filing of a case u/s 200 of CrPC
15. Dina Nath v. Emperor
No summary trial in serious or complicated cases
16. Surendra Singh v. State of UP
Where a Judge who wrote the Judgment dies before it was delivered or pronounced, another Judge cannot deliver it
17. Naresh v. State of UP
Alteration of Convication u/s 302 IPC to one u/s 304 IPC by HC is not justified u/s 362 of CrPC
18. Ashok Kumar v. UOI
Constitutional validity of Section 433-A of CrPC
19. Rasiklal v. Kishore Khanchand Wadhwani
Right to bail u/s 436 in bailable offences is an absolute and indefensible right
20. Gurbaksh Singh Sobbia v. State of Punjab
SC guidelines relating to anticipatory bail
21. Jagdish Ram v. State of Rajasthan
Quashing of FIR on account of delay
22. State of M.P v. Madan Lal
No compromise in Rape cases
23. Manohar Singh v. State of Rajasthan
Compensation to victim of Crime
24. S.R. Sukumar v. Sunnad Raghuram
Amendment in complaint can be done
25. Siddaharth Vashisht v. State(NCT of Delhi)
Cryptic Telephonic Message of a cognizable offence not to be treated as FIR