Man kills his immediate family for his lover : Bombay HC

Man kills his immediate family for his lover : Bombay HC

A man named Masalkar informed the police about the theft committed in his home which had led to the death of his wife, mother and his two year old daughter. He also informed that his neighbor named Madhusudhan was also injured. Initially in the pretext of theft the police made investigations and an FIR was filled under sections 3012 and 397 of the Indian Penal Code. However , during the course of investigation it was found that neither any of the gold ornaments or other valuable material was taken away nor there were signs of forcible entry into the house , hence the investigation was carried on with a different angle. During the investigation it was revealed that the complainant in this case had a love affair with a women named Gauri. The complainant was then arrested by the police as the accused in this case as the facts and circumstances proved that he has murdered his immediate family for marrying her lover.

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APP for the state submitted that the CCTV footage has also been in favor of the prosecution and he is the one who tried to murder or cause injury to the neighbor as she witnessed the incidence. After examining all the cases in record and the conduct of the accused for lying to the court and to the police and constant threats made by him to kill her wife all proved his guilt and therefore the Additional Sessions Judge convicted him under sections 302, 307, 201 of the Indian penal Code.

He thus filled an appeal against the judgement in the Bombay High Court where the court upheld the decision of the lower court and convicted the said accused and also confirm ed the death sentence as the court was of the opinion that the case falls under the category of rarest of the rare, murder of the family in cold blood shocks the conscience of the law system and the society.

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