Legal Drafting Course by Our Legal World: Register by 31st Dec 2020

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Legal Drafting Course by Our Legal World: Register by 31st Dec 2020 [No Registration Fee]

About the Organisation

Our Legal World is one of the leading Legal Community websites for an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia etc. with the motto – Law ABOUT LAW.  Our Legal World offers Online Internships to the Law Students as Law News Reporters, Law Researchers, Case Analysts, Content Writers, Campus Ambassadors and Editors and We conduct a variety of Law Events, inter alia, Article Writing, Drafting Competition, MUNs and Debates etc.

About Learning Course

Drafting in its general connotation means, putting one’s own ideas in writing. Drafting of any matter is an art. Drafting of legal matters requires greater skills and efficiencies. This online learning course aims to help law students with litigation skills. 

This course will teach law student, young advocate the rules and principles of legal drafting and along with that, there will be an in-depth training on drafting specific documents like a legal notice, agreements, application, plaint, written statement, consumer complaint, writ petition and many other documents.

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Procedure of Teaching:

The Course is self-paced taught where the enrolled students will be provided credentials to take the course at their pace and can take the course notes, submit assignments, and request certificate after the course.

Course Structure

The Course will be divided into following modules:

  1. Introduction and Basics of drafting a Legal Document
  2. Drafting of Bail Application
  3. Drafting of Power Attorney
  4. RTI Application
  5. Loan Agreement


The students will be given two assignments in between the course.

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Registration: 31st December 2020
  • Course Starting from: 3rd January 2021 to 8th January 2021

Registration Fee: Nil

CLICK HERE to fill the registration form

Contact us:

For queries and clarifications write to: with the subject of the mail as ‘Query-Online Learning Course on LEGAL DRAFTING?


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