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Haryana Assistant District Attorney (ADA) | Notes | Course | Syllabus

Membership Course for Haryana ADA

This Membership is for visual learning which helps to understand the law visually.  

This membership is designed to cope up the Haryana ADA Syllabus 2023.

Course Description

  • E- Notes
  • Question Bank
  •  Test Series
  •  Case Law
  •  PYP Pointers
  •  Podcast/Zoom
  • Mindmaps for Law, GK and Current Affairs
  •  MCQ Factory
  •  Doubt Discussions
  •  Personalised Mentorship

The following Subjects shall be covered law Subjects and English and GS/GK Notes:

a) Civil Law

i) Code of Civil Procedure
ii) Indian Evidence Act
iii) Indian Contract Act
iv) Indian Partnership Act
v) Sale of Goods Act
vi) Hindu Law
vii) Mohammedan law and Customary Law.

b) Criminal Law
i) Indian Penal Code.
ii) Criminal Procedure Code
iii) Indian Evidence Act

(c) General English:

  • Tenses
  • Idioms and phrases.
  • Narration
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Pairs of words and their use in sentences.
  • Pronouns,
  • Models
  • Articles Phrases,
  • Homonyms/homophones.
  • Rearranging of jumbled sentences.
  • Clauses
  • Uses of Prepositions.

(d) General Awareness :

  • General Awareness – Haryana
  • Polity
  • Economics
  • Development Programs
  • Science and Technology
  • Indian Society
  • History and Culture
  • Climates of HARYANA State
  • Historical places and monuments
  • Tourist places in HARYANA.
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Current Affairs
  • The topography of Haryana State.
  • Power Plants projects in HARYANA.
  • Land Reforms.
  • Major River systems in HARYANA.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries Natural Resources of HARYANA.


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