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general power of attorney  is a legal document that allows a person (usually called the “principal” or the “donor”) to nominate one or more persons (called “attorneys”) to act on their behalf.

Sample or Format

     This General Power of Attorney is made at Delhi on ___   this__    day of          , 2020.

     KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I ABC S/o DEF R/o H. No. 34, X Nagar, Delhi also resident of village Kanal, Distt. Muthara, U.P., do hereby constitute, nominate, appoint Smt. 123 W/o 456 v R/o H. No. 34, X Nagar, Delhi hereinafter called as my true and lawful Attorney, and hereby I assign her, in my name and on my behalf, to act in the following manners:

     Whereas the said executant is the actual rightful owner and in possession of a piece of Land and the construction thereof on the said land measuring 100 sq. yds, portion of plot No. XYZ Delhi State, Delhi, within the abadi of colony known as ABCD, area M.L.F. , New Delhi-000000, and bounded nearby and around as per description produced here under: –

  • East: Road 30 feet.
  • West: portion of the part of the plot No. 54.
  • North: portion of plot No. 54-A.
  • South: plot No. 53.

     WHEREAS the said executant have fully entitled and authorized to sell, transfer, assign, lease, let out the above-mentioned property, in any and every manners.

ANDWHEREAS the executant to create his lawful attorney by virtue of this deed has assigned all the powers vested in him to the assignee in respect of the abovesaid property in terms vis-à-vis to manage, control, transfer, lease, let out concerning the above-mentioned property in general and further the executant do hereby authorize the said attorney, to do the following acts, deeds and things, in my name and on my behalf, under her own signature and the same shall be binding on me and has the effect as if being signed by me. 

     AND WHEREAS the executant hereby authorize the present attorney to do the following, particularly in respect of the abovesaid property;- 

  1. To Mange control supervise, look after the said property in any and every manner.
  2. To deal with all the matters regarding the said property in the concerned offices of DDA, MCD etc.
  3. To sell the said property to any body, also received the advance money execute the Agreement to sell the hand over the receipt thereof.
  4. To execute the sale deed, sign and verify and present the same for registration in the office of the Sub-Registrar Delhi and to admit its execution thereof, to receive the consideration give statement alongwith affidavit, declaration etc. and to do all other acts, deeds and things, which are necessary for the same.
  5. To apply and obtain the necessary sale permission, NOC from the concerned department.
  6. To pursue all the courts proceedings from Lower Court in higher Jurisdiction at Delhi or anywhere else in India and to institute any kind of suit, complaints, plaints, revisions, review appeals etc. concerning the property.
  7. To appoint, advocate, pleader and other legal practitioner on her will and desire.
  8. To appoint further general as well as Special Power of Attorney.
  9. To construct, renovate, rebuild and alter the said property within the prescribed limits of the government, municipal and statutory bodies guidelines and to act accordingly.
  10. To apply and obtain the Electric & water supply and connections in her name.
  11. To receive compensation amount or alternative site from the Govt. if said property is acquired and used by any government, municipal and statutory bodies.
  12. This power of Attorney shall be irrevocable, however, the assignee has the right to re-assign the same for the consideration, if any, agreed between the parties or on her will.

     In witness whereof I execute this General Power of Attorney in the name of the assignee to do all other acts, deeds and things, which our said attorney deems fit and proper in all respects.

WITNESSESS:                                EXECUTANT

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