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CLAT PG 2024 Capsule Course

Self Study Course for LLM Entrance Exam with One-on-one Mentoring

About Membership

All India Online Coaching LLM Entrance Exam Mentoring Membership Course is designed to cope up with all the LLM exams in India like DU LLM, CLAT PG, AILET LLM, BHU LLM, IIT Kharagpur, ILI LLM, Punjab University LLM Exam, Symbiosis Pune, Jamia Millia LLM Exam etc. Self Study Course for LLM Entrance Exam with One-on-one Mentoring

We will assist you during the whole journey of cracking this exam to taking admission in the right NLU or top LLM college for you. We will try to be your torchbearer till the last milestone i:e Admission to NLU.

Course Coverage

Study Materials:- Notes and handouts on important topics, judgments, etc.

  • Jurisprudence: Summarised content for Objective, Quotes
  • Constitution: Summarised content for Objective
  • Criminal Law: Easy-to-remember, Summarised content for Objective
  • Contract: Summarised content, East-to-remember, for Objective, Judgments,
  • International Law: Summarised content for Objective, Judgments
  • Tort law: Summarised content for Objective, Judgments
  • Property law: Summarised content for Objective
  • Family Law: Summarised content for Objective
  • Environmental Law: Summarised content for Objective
  • Specific Relief Act: Summarised content for Objective
  • Partnership Laws: Summarised content for Objective
  • Limitation Act: Summarised content for Objective
  • Sales of Goods Act: Summarised content for Objective
  • Consumer Protection Act: Summarised content for Objective
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Summarised content for Objective
  • Important Judgement of CLAT PG 2023

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Course Overview

  • Soft-Copy Law Notes, Judgments
  • QBank (ILI, CLAT, AILET, DU, JMI, BHU etc)
  • Personalised Mentorship & Strategic Guidance
  • One to one mentoring sessions on a regular basis (If any doubt)
  • No Class
  • Subjective answer writing topics
  • Subject wise mock test/pdf
  • Mocks:- AILET PG(LLM), DU LLM etc. and CLAT PG (LLM) based

MCQ Bank

  • Subject wise
  • 10000+

How will the Course Work

  • Students will be provided with id and password and access the content here
  • Live Session will be conducted regularly solve students queries/doubts.
  • Students can also clear their doubts through, call, email, Telegram (
  • Best practice mocks on exam pattern

Why to take this Course

  • Getting preparation help for CLAT PG, AILET PG, DU LLM and other LLM Entrance Exam. So it’s an all in one course.
  • Weekly Mentorship
  • The materials and mocks test are prepared by someone who has complete knowledge of the exam.
  • You get everything at such a low price.

Course Validity

Till DU LLM Entrance Exam 2023

Mentor Details

University of Delhi Graduate, NLU Delhi (LLM), other NLUs


Combined course AILET PG, CLAT PG, DU LLM etc. membership fees Rs. 5999 3,000/- Only.

Note: Contact Us before making payment if you have any issues and send a screenshot after payment at

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