Campus Ambassador Programme 2022:- OLW Judicial Preparation Cell

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The Campus Ambassador Programme 2022 is an initiative by Judicial Preparation Cell OurLegalWorld for law students across the country

About OurLegalWorld

Our Legal World- Judicial Preparation Cell is excited to announce the launching of Campus Ambassador Programme 2022 to widen our reach among young law students studying in various colleges and universities across India. This programme aims at promoting our presence and developing a nation-wide network to create a student-mentor nexus between the college students and OurLegalWorld.


  1. Student pursuing three years or five-year law course from a recognized institution from Bar Council of India
  2. Prior experience in organizing/ managing/ directing/ volunteering for the educational, technical or cultural event(s).

Perks for our Campus Ambassadors

  1. Become a law campus ambassador in your college and stand a chance to claim exciting rewards like Free LLM Entrance Exam, Judicial Services mentorship course
  2. 50% Discount on OurLegalWorld courses to all CA
  3. Real-World Experience – A Unique on-campus program offering an invaluable experience that nurtures the professional in you
  4. Build a Network – An opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals to expand your skillset and grow your ingenuity
  5. Develop Valuable Skills – Polish your communication and team-building skills. Enhance your attractiveness to employers.
  6. Become a Leader – Be a change leader on your campus. Experience the thrill and challenge of mentoring a team.
  7. Experience Certificates –Get featured on our website.


The Campus Amicus will be an integral part of the OurLegalWorld family. As a part of it, we expect the following qualities and work from the Campus Amicus:

  1. Promote our courses LLM Entrance Exam, Judicial Services, articles, and educational content to your law school friends and various Social Media
  2. Writing one well-researched article of publishable quality each month.
  3. Communicate any event/happenings in their college to our team at the earliest.
  4. Promote OurLegalWorld social media profile with your law school friends.
  1. Being a Campus ambassador is a voluntary, unpaid position.
  2. Our Legal World is looking for a commitment of at least 3 months and Maximum 6 months.
  3. 1-7 campus ambassadors can be selected per college (depending on the size of the college).
  4. You are required to work for around 2-3 hours/week.
  5. We give no task which cannot be completed along with your college, co-curricular activities, exams or even internships. Relax! We understand your world!
  6. A certificate of appreciation/ Experience Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned. (Note: Certificate will issue only to those who put effort to complete assigned task.  

Disclaimer: In case of any ambiguity in the application or incompetency, OurLegalWorld reserves the right to terminate the program without any prior intimation.

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