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Call for Law Blog Post or Guest Post: – Our Legal World

About Us

 Our Legal World is an E-tech platform launched in 2018, with an objective to provide a better law portal to legal students, judicial aspirants, law professionals, law school. With countless efforts and positive work ethics, it also managed to rank 22nd among top 100 Indian Law Blogs by Feedspot.

The website offers opportunities in the form of law competitions, law events and law internship. It has constantly been working to provide affordable, high-quality Judiciary Notes, Law Article, Case Summary, legal news, law column etc.  

Writing for us is a great way to show your expertise in the field of law, publishing quality content will enable you to establish yourself as an expert in this field.


Any topic related to law.

Benefits –

Our website reaches more than 90000 visitors each month, and it is increasing day by day. Most of our visitors are law students, lawyers, teachers, and law professionals etc. You can exposure your thoughts to a massive audience of the legal fraternity through your writing.

We are very active in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. We will share your article on our social networks for additional exposure.

Who can write for Our Legal World?

Students, academics, professionals, lawyers, and judges can write for Our Legal World. Publication on Website with your Name and Description.

What we accept –

We accept original content and high-quality writing. We don’t publish anything that has been published anywhere. Articles with proper attributions of data and quotations are always appreciated.

Format Required

The Article should follow the relevant format:

1. Heading
2. Introduction/ Abstract
3. Sub-Headings (recommended to add a sub-heading after every 150 words)
4. Conclusion

Submission Guidelines

Our submission policy guides you through the process of entering your article details and uploading your files.  

  • Suggested Word Limit – 800 Words to 3000 Words
  • The work submitted shall be original and unpublished. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerable and would lead to immediate rejection.
  • Co-authorship is allowed.
  • The article should be drafted keeping in view these headings: Introduction, objective, description of the research issues including a socio-legal analysis of the problem, precedents and judicial decisions, impact and implications, possible outcomes and the solutions.
  • The title of the article should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 14, Bold and Center-Aligned followed by the names of the authors along with their Affiliations in Size 12 as Footnotes.
  • Article submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5’; Justified.
  • Proper citation/Footnote/Reference/Bibliography  
  • A uniform system of citation.
  • The article should be submitted in only MS Word Format.

How to submit –

Submit your article, blog, opinion, research paper, essay, case analysis, news analysis, law school review, law event experience, experience in the legal profession, experience in law school, etc. 

                                       Click here to submit    


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