Best books for CLAT Preparation 2024

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Best books for CLAT Preparation 2024

The most suitable books for CLAT preparation

CLAT, as you know, is a reputed law entrance test that selects several eligible aspirants all over India to read in top national law universities. There is a CLAT consortium that manages and conducts the exam every year. Clearing for the exam presents you with the greatest 22 nationwide law institutes. Yet, winning the CLAT is not simple. You must compete with thousands of aspirants applying for the test yearly. With limited seats, you need the best prep from the best books for CLAT preparation 2024. Read the complete guide that offers you the best book for CLAT preparation.

Why do you need Top-notch books for CLAT preparation 2024?

Candidates should ensure they have the most appropriate books for CLAT 2024 study before starting their exam preparation for a test like CLAT. This is because the output will inevitably suffer if the studying or referencing material is poor. To study for CLAT 2024, make an effort to solely consult the best literature.

You will need books for better CLAT test preparation. They will help you comprehend the CLAT examination format and curriculum. You may focus precisely on the themes that are exam-related with the aid of these books. You can furthermore achieve pre-program knowledge for a lawful profession with the support of these books.

The top books for CLAT that are listed below are quite helpful for CLAT preparation. They are not only written by trustworthy writers and publishers but also come highly recommended by professionals. These books include the whole CLAT syllabus, and if a candidate thoroughly studies them, they will be able to ace the CLAT test.

The issues, both vital and unimportant, must be covered by applicants. They must also answer the practice questions included in these study resources. A person must also allocate time to completing practise exams, sample papers, and question papers from earlier years. To streamline the reasons, here are why you need a book.

  • There will be a tonne of practice materials in them.
  • They are trustworthy in that they cover the complete curriculum, have few to no faults, and are well-written.
  • It could also include drawings to help with learning.
  • The book provides examples to aid in understanding and learning.

Top Books for English 

The English language portion of the national-level test will include a weighted average of 28–32 questions, or 20%. Each of the 450-word passages in this part will be accompanied by a set of questions of the objective variety. The candidate’s language and comprehension abilities will get evaluated in this portion.

Books for English and their author

  • SP Bakshi- Objective general English
  • RS Aggarwal- Objective General English
  • Pearson’s- The Pearson Guide to CLAT
  • Norman Lewis- Word Power made easy
  • Tata McGraw Hill- CLAT guide

CLAT books for Current Affairs

There will be 35–39 questions in the Current Affairs and General Knowledge area of the CLAT questions, translating to around a 25% weighting. 450-word sections from news, journalistic sources, and other non-fiction literature will also get included in this area. After each passage, there will be four or five unbiased questions.

Books for Current happening and their writer

  • General Knowledge – Arihant 
  • Yearly Current Affairs – Arihant 
  • Manorama Year- Manorama 
  • General Knowledge- Lucent’s
  • General Knowledge- Tarun Goy

CLAT textbooks for legal and logical reasoning

There will be 35–39 questions, or roughly 25% of the total weighted questions, in the Legal Reasoning segment of the CLAT 2024 exam. The division’s queries will be established on texts, yet, the aspirant does not require to hold any preliminary details in order to react. 

Legal reasoning

  • Legal Reasoning -A P Bhardwaj
  • Objective-type Legal Aptitude- RS Aggarwal
  • Legal awareness book – Pearson

Logical reasoning

  • Analytical Reasoning Book-MK Pandey
  • Verbal along with Non-Verbal Logic -RS Aggarwal
  • A New Approach to Analytical Reasoning & Verbal -Arihant

Quantitative techniques 

Of the five sections, the Quantitative will be the least weighted, with about 13–17 questions and 10% weighting.

Books for Quant

  • Quantitative Apt for Competitive Tests Pearson’s
  • Quantitative Apt. – RS Aggarwal

Tips for preparing CLAT

  • Go over the CLAT test pattern and curriculum in detail and make study plans based on it.
  • Rehearse a tonne of CLAT question papers from prior years if you want to ace the test. It will enable learners to comprehend the complication level of the examination and the sorts of queries to be asked.
  • Look through your errors. Candidates should work on their problem spots for as long as feasible.
  • Improve your time management skills with a focus.
  • Two authors are more than enough to research any topic. In contrast to the CLAT books, candidates should use their personal notes and class notes.


Wrapping up, these are the best for CLAT preparation 2024. Now that you know the books, you should follow them and start your prep. 

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