SWAYAM (Free) Online Course on Intellectual Property by NLU Delhi (July 31-October 31) [Register by August 31]

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Online Course on Intellectual Property by NLU Delhi

We’re pleased to inform you that a free online course on intellectual property starting on July 31, 2023 is being offered for students on the e-learning platform SWAYAM by Dr. Yogesh Pai, Associate Professor of Law, in charge of the SPRIHA IPR Chair at National Law University, Delhi. For further details, please see the announcement below:


SWAYAM (Free) Online Course on ‘Intellectual Property’

About the Course

The course is launched on the SWAYAM platform by the Ministry of Education, Government of India and is offered by Dr Yogesh Pai, Associate Professor (Law), in-charge of the SPRIHA IPR Chair established by the DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and Co-Director of the Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC) at National Law University, Delhi. Various IP experts (academics, legal practitioners, in-house counsels, and public-policy analysts) in India have contributed to the development of the course.

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Structure of the Course

The course curriculum contains forty-one modules in four different quadrants: e-texts (3000-5000 words per module), additional readings, upto 30 minute video lesson (per module) and assignments containing 12 questions per module). The course covers wide areas of study that includes fundamentals of IP, historical origins and international obligations, the economics of IP, justifications, nature of IP subject matter, criteria for protection, term, rights, infringement, assignment and licensing, defenses, exceptions, public interest considerations, remedies and enforcement. The course will also contain topics that involve the interface of IP with areas such as human rights, free speech and competition law. For a detailed overview of the course and instructor’s bio visit the link: https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/cec23_lw10/preview.

This course has been offered annually since 2019 and is widely subscribed by students from different universities across the country.

2023 Course Highlights

I. Weekly discussion forums will provide access to lively discussions of contemporary topics and cutting-edge issues of the last one year and during the current semester.

II. Two-hour online contact class by the course coordinator in the eight week and the fifteenth week.


Fifteen weeks and runs on online e-learning platform Swayam. The Course starts on July 31, 2023 and ends on October 31, 2023. The date of examination is announced by the SWAYAM central agencies and NLU Delhi is not responsible for announcing the examination date, the conduct of the examination and issuance of the final certificate.

Eligibility and Certificates/Credits

The course is offered for four credits. The course is open to all students and certificates will be awarded to students who take both the internal assessments (30 Marks) and final exams (70 Marks) during the course. Students enrolled with LL.B. or LL.M. programs can also transfer credits obtained from the course if their universities permit to do so. For further information, see UGC (Credit Framework for online learning courses through SWAYAM) Regulation 2016 available at:


Registration to the course is free of cost. However, candidates seeking a SWAYAM certificate should register for the final proctored exams that come at a fee and attend in-person at designated centres. For additional info, visit: https://swayam.gov.in/about.


The last date to enroll for the course is August 31, 2023.

Enrollment link

To enroll for the course please visit: https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/cec23_lw10/preview.


For any queries related to the course and registration write us at: ipr.chair@nludelhi.ac.in.