International Tax Law Research Opportunity: Tax Laws Club & Legum Attorney

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Exploring New Frontiers in International Tax Law Research (Online Internship) with Tax Laws Club and Legum Attorney: A Golden Opportunity for Law Students!

Are you a passionate and ambitious law student seeking to dive into the intricate world of international tax law? The Tax Laws Club OurLegalWorld, a distinguished hub for cutting-edge legal research, is thrilled to extend a unique research opportunity that could shape the trajectory of your legal career.

Tax Law Internship opportunity with Legum Attorney:- Chamber of Adv Ashish Panday

About TLC, OurLegalWorld

The Tax Laws Club/Centre (TLC) was established in 2022 under OurLegalWorld to work in the area of tax laws. The Club/Centre is established to provide facilities for deep study and research in relation to the various provisions of Taxation Laws. It will also provide an opportunity for law students to understand the important practical problems arising in interpreting various Internationa Tax Treaties and domestic taxation laws (Income Tax Act and GST) or International Tax Laws.

The Centre intends to encourage both applied and academic innovation in the international taxation law domain by instituting opportunities for pertinent presentations and publications. The post-Covid problems invite rethinking of the governance of international taxation, its mechanisms, and its institutions. This interdisciplinary series of online workshops bring together scholars engaging in law, political science, and political philosophy to discuss international tax governance and justice.

Legum Attorney

Legum Attorney is a multi-disciplinary law firm. Practice area Dispute Resolution, Criminal and Civil Litigation with dedicated verticals covering Economic offences, Tax Law, White Collar Crimes, Blue Collar Crimes, Company Laws, Labour & Service Law, Property & Land Laws, and Matrimonial Laws, among other fields. Legum Attorney is also a specialized International Tax Law.

Benefits of Engaging in International Tax Law Research:

  1. Holistic Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how various jurisdictions’ tax laws interact and impact international trade, investment, and economic development.
  2. Practical Relevance: Develop insights into real-world challenges faced by governments, corporations, and taxpayers in navigating the complexities of international taxation.
  3. Critical Analysis: Enhance your critical thinking skills by dissecting complex legal texts, treaties, and case law from multiple jurisdictions.
  4. Interdisciplinary Learning: Immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary field that merges law, economics, and international relations, expanding your knowledge beyond the confines of traditional legal studies.

Project Title:

  • Exploring the Nexus between International Taxation Law and Sustainability


To analyze the relationship between international tax regulations and sustainable business practices, identifying opportunities and challenges for promoting environmental and social sustainability.

Expected Deliverables:

  • A comprehensive research paper outlining your findings, insights, and recommendations.
  • Research, analyze, and prepare brief news bytes.
  • Write articles and blogs on prescribed concepts of International Tax.
  • Prepare summaries on prescribed topics.
  • Social media marketing skills (preferable).
  • Research and Content Development on International Tax.


  • Law student
  • Must possess necessary research and analytical skills.
  • Must possess interpretative and writing skills.


  • Certificate of the internship.
  • Letter of Recommendation.

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