Form of Appeal for CESTAT under Section 129A: Legal Draft

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Form of Appeal for the Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT): Legal Draft [Section 129A of Customs Act, 1962

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“FORM NO. C.A.- 3

[See rule 6(1)]

Form of Appeal to the Appellate Tribunal under sub-section (1) of section 129A of Customs Act, 1962.

In the Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal.

Appeal No           of 2020

            XYX                                                                  …… Appellant


Commissioner of Customs (Preventive)

New Custom House,

New Delhi.                                                                                      … Respondent

1. Port/ Location Code*IEC**PAN or UID***
Port/ Location Code 2*  
Port/ Location Code 3*, etc  
E-Mail Address Phone No. Fax No.
2.         The designation and address of the authority passing the order appealed against.Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), New Custom House, Near IGI Airport, New Delhi.

3.         Number and date of the order appealed against.



4.         Date of communication of a copy of the order appealed against.
5.         State or Union territory and the Commissionerate in which the order or decision of assessment, penalty, fine was made.New Delhi Commissioner of Customs, (Preventive), New Custom House, New Delhi.
6.         If the order appealed against relates to more than one Commissionerate, mention the names of all the Commissionerates, so far as it relates to the appellant.N.A
7.         Designation and address of the adjudicating authority in case where the order appealed against is an order of the Commissioner (Appeals).N.A.
8.         Address to which notices may be sent to the appellant.ABC       
9.         Address to which notices may be sent to the respondent.Commissioner of Customs (Preventive) New Customs House, Near IGI Airport, New Delhi.  
10.       Whether the decision or order appealed against involves any question having a relation to the rate of duty of customs or to the value of goods for the purpose of assessment.No
11.       Description and classification of goods.Floor Covering/Carpet  
12.       Period of dispute.November, 2020 to May, 2012  
13.      (i)         Amount of customs duty, if any, demanded for the period of dispute .No.
(ii)        Amount of interest involved up to the date of the order appealed against.No  
(ii)        Amount of refund, if any, rejected or disallowed for the period of disputeN.A.
(iii)       Amount of fine imposed.No
(iv)      Amount of penalty imposed.Rs.33,00,000/- u/s 114 and Rs. 48,00,000/- u/s 114(AA) of the Customs Act, 1962.    
(v)       Market value of seized goods.
14.     (i)          Amount of duty or fine or penalty or interest deposited. If so, mention the amount deposited under each head in the box below. (A copy of the challan under which the deposit is made shall be furnished)    
 Duty Fine Penalty Interest 
   Rs. 8,10,000/-  
 (ii)      If not, whether any application for dispensing with such deposit has been made?N.A,  
15.      Does the order appealed against also involve any central excise duty demand, and related fine or penalty, so far as the appellant is concerned?No  
16.      Does the order appealed against also involve any service tax demand, and related penalty, so far as the appellant is concerned?No
17.      Subject matter of dispute in order of priority (please choose two items from the list below, under the head ‘IMPORT’ or ‘EXPORT’ or ‘GENERAL’ , depending upon the nature of the case) 
IMPORT (i).        Classification – Chapter (ii).       Valuation – GVC /SVB or Others. (iii).      Application of Exemption Notification No., (iv).     Anti-dumping duty. (v).      Safeguard duty, (vi).     Project imports, vii).      Baggage viii).     Courier, ix).       Imports under Export Promotion Scheme, x).        Seizure cases xi).       Refunds, xii).      NTR (Non Tariff Restrictions like import license, Phyto Sanitary requirements etc.), xiii).     Others.EXPORT (i)        Classification-Srl. Nos. of Export Schedule, (ii)        Valuation, (iii)       Drawback, (iv)      Export under any Export Promotion Scheme (other than drawback), (v)       Non-Tariff restrictions, (vi)      Others  GENERAL (i).        Custom House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004, (ii).       MOT Charges, (iii).      Others  
Priority 1   Export    Priority 2    Priority 1  Priority 2Priority 1  Priority 2

18.      Central Excise Assessee Code, if registered with Central Excise.


19.      Service Tax Assessee Code, if registered with Service Tax.

20.      If the appeal is against an Order-in-Appeal of Commissioner (Appeals), the number of Orders-in-Original covered by the said Order-in-Appeal.    N.A.
21.      Whether the respondent has also filed appeal against the order against which this appeal is made?  Not aware
22.      If answer to serial number 21 above is ‘yes’, furnish the details of appeal.  N.A.
23.      Whether the appellant wishes to be heard in person?  Yes, through Counsel
24.      Reliefs claimed in appeal.As per prayer  



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