CrPC Case Laws e-Flashcard Series for Judicial Services Exam

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CrPC Case Laws e-Flashcard Series for Judicial Services Exam, CLAT PG, AILET, LLM entrance

1. Nandini Satpathy v P.L. Dani

It was held that a person has a right to protection under Section 161(2) of CrPC against questions, the answers of which would have a tendency to a criminal charge.

2. Gurubaksh Singh Sibbia v State of Punjab

Relates to the principles with regards to anticipatory bail.

3. Visaya Manohar Arhat v. Kashirao

It was held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court that a married daughter is also liable to maintain her parents.

4. Dinesh v. State of Rajasthan AIR 2006 SC 1267

The identity of the victim is not disclosed even in judgment of court.

5. Gulam Abbas v. State of U.P 1981 SC 2198

Order under Section 144 CrP.C is amenable to writ jurisdiction on violation of any Fundamental Rights.

6. S.R. Sukumar v. S.Sunaad Raghuram

The Supreme Court in 2015 has laid down that an amendment to a criminal complaint to cure a simple infirmity curable by means of a formal amendment not causing any prejudice to the other side is permissible even though there is no specific provision in the Code of Criminal Procedure to amend a complaint filed under CrPC.

7. Navjot Singh Sidhu v State of Punjab, AIR 2007 SC 1003

The person seeking suspension of conviction should specifically draw the attention of the Appellate Court to the consequences that may arise if the conviction does not stay as held by the Supreme Court.

8. Ashok Kumar Golu v. Uunion of India

The constitutional validity of Section 433-A CrPC was upheld.

9. Malikarjun Kodagali v. State of Karnataka

The Supreme Court first held that the right of a victim to file an appeal under the proviso of Section 372 of the CrOC is available against orders of acquittal rendered after 31.12.2009 and that for exercising such right no leave to appeal is required to be sought.

10. Savitaben Somabhai Bhatia v. State of Gujarat

Supreme Court held that only a legally wedded wife can claim maintenance under Section 125 of CrPC.

CrPC Case Laws e-Flashcard Series for Judicial Services Exam

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