AILET PG Mock Tests 2022 | NLUD LLM Mock

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AILET PG Mock Tests 2022 | NLUD LLM Mock

1. A who deals only in coconut oil, enters into an agreement with B to sell 50 tons of oil. The agreement is


2. B is wife of A. A during lifetime of B and with her consent an agreement with C to marry her (c). The agreement is


3. The Captain of B’s ship signs of bill of lading without received on board the goods mentioned therein, as between B and purchased consignor is concerned the bill of lading are


4. ‘A’ contracts with ‘B’ to grow a crop of indigo on ‘A’s land and to deliver it to ‘B’ at a fixed rate and ‘C’ guarantees A’s performance of this contract ‘B’ diverts a stream of water which is necessary for irrigation of A’s land and thereby prevents him from raising the indigo


5. ‘A’ gives a guarantee to ‘C’ for goods to be supplied by ‘C’ to ‘B’. ‘C’ supplies goods to ‘B’ and afterwards ‘B’ becomes embarrassed and contract with his creditors (including C) to assign to them his property in  consideration of their releasing him from their demands. Here


6. Which one of the following is correct?



7. A, who is B’s ‘mukhar’, promises to exercise his influence, as such, with B in favour of C, and C promises to pay Rs. 20,000 to A. The agreement is


8. Assertion (A): The UPSC must be consulted as regards the reservation of posts of Backward of Classes, ST and SC

Reason (R): The functions of the UPSC are only advisory and the Govt need not act upon the  advice of the Commission in any case.


9. Which one of the following is the mandatory minimum requirement for a functional federation ?


10. Make the correct answer:-


11. If a person who is citizen of India commits any offence out of India he


12. Actus Reus is defined as ‘such result of human conduct as the law seeks to prevent”. In the light of this observation which of the following statements in incorrect:-



13. “One is said to have acted intentionally when it can be granted from his act that he could foresee the consequences for certainty and and desired them.”


14. Give correct response:


15. Preparation and attempt are two stages of the commission of a crime. Preparation is not punishable generally but attempt is. One basic reason as to why preparation is not punishable is that there


16. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court observed: ‘There is a thin line between the preparation for and an attempt an attempt to commit an offence’:-


17. State in which of the following cases, P is guilty of attempting to commit the offence:


18. Which of the following is an instance of criminal attempt?


19. Assertion (A): There is no liability for an attempt to commit an impossible theft

Reason (R):


20. Which one of the following combinations is not correctly matched?

a. Mehboob Shah v. Emperor-Common Object

b. State of Maharashtra v. M.H. George- Mens Rea

c. Director Public Prosecutor v. Beard- Defence of Insanity

d. P. Rathiman v. UOI- Dowry Death

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:



21. Go through the following statements and mark the correct one:

  1. Tort and Crime are neither totally different nor totally similar
  2. Murder is fully an offence
  3. Trespass without intention is only a tort

22. The source of”we the people” in the preamble is a


23. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held at the union government cannot dismiss a duly elected state government on the sole ground that the ruling party in the state suffered an overwhelming defeat in the election of the Lok Sabha?


24. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court explained the difference between locus standi and right to impalement?


25. Foreign sovereign ships sailing/anchoring in the coastal waters of another state are:


26. Non-Permanent members of the Security Council are elected for a period of


27. Culvo Clause means


28. A landlocked state is


29. The principle of rebus sie steatibus means


30. The Continuity of states us International Legal Persons is:


31. Rights of hand-locked states are governed by


32. Who proposed the ‘Pure Theory of Law’ i.e. a theory which is free from social, historical, political, psychological, etc., influences:


33. Who wrote that “The only right which a man can posses is the right always to do his duty”?


34. The liability in which the sole intention of the law is to enforce the plaintiff’s right and not to punish the wrong-doer is known as:


35. Systematic arrangement of rules in a single document concerning a particular subject in a way as to avoid inconsistency and overlapping. The process is known as .


36. A libel upon a dead man shall be a punishment to defend the right of:


37. The Water (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1974 has been enacted by the legislature under the Constitution India under:


38. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court upheld the governmental direction to close down the lime-stone mining operations and quarrying permanently, holding it the duty of the lessee to protest and safeguard the right of the people to live in a healthy environment with minimal disturbance of ecological balance?


39. Read both Assertion (A) and Reason and give the correct answer by using code given below:
Assertion (A): It is the duty of the state to devise and implement a coherent and a ordinated programme to meet ts obligation of Sustainable Development.
Reason (R): Adherence to the power of Sustainable Development is no Constitutional requirement.


40. Read Assertion (A) and Reason (R) and answer using codes given below:
Assertion (A): Polluter pays principle means polluters should internalise the costs of their pollution, control it at its source, and pay for its effects, including remedial or cleanup Costs, rather than forcing other states or future generations to bear such costs.
Reasons (R): Vellore Citizen’s Welfare Forum v. Union of India decided so.


41. Which ground “To claim Pre – Emption” was nullified by the Supreme Court in the case “ Razzaque Bagwan v. Ibrahim Haji Mohd. Hussain” ?


42. In which ground of Divorce, wife has the pay a consideration in order to get a divorce from her husband?


43. If the Muta Marriage is not consummated, than the wife us entitled to?


44. If the term of the years of the assignment is not mentioned then it is assigned…..-years under the copyright Act.


45. The patent law gives an exclusive right to the patent to gain …………. out of his invention.


46. In Musical work …. is the first owner of the work.


47. If the translation of the literary work is in a language not in general use in developed countries such application may be made after a period of……


48. Assertion (A): Every public company shall have at least three and every private company at least two Directors
Reason (R): Directors are trustees for the company and not for the individual shareholders.


49. Various cases have established that the rule in the case of “Royal British Bank v.Turquand did not operate in a completely in restricted manner.
which one of the following statements is Incorrect


50. Read Assertion (A) and Reason (R) and using codes given below, write the correct answer:
Assertion (A): The creditors of a limited company are particularly happy due to doctrine of indoor management, it would be happier
still if the company could escape liability by denying the authority of the officials to act on its behalf.

Reason (R): Because L.C.B. Gower has written so.


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