UK court blocks mass action against Google over data collection

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UK court blocks mass action against Google over data collection 

UK’s High Court of Justice blocked a lawsuit against Google over claims it collect as much as £3bn in compensation for the company’s historical practice of collecting data on iPhone users whose privacy settings should have prevented surveillance.

The suit claimed that Google had secretly tracked “the internet activity of Apple iPhone users,” and had sold the data that it had collected. Google was allegedly able to do this through a method called “the Safari Workaround.”

In a statement, Lloyd (claimant) said: “Today’s judgment is extremely disappointing and effectively leaves millions of people without any practical way to seek redress and compensation when their personal data has been misused. 

Mr Justice Warby, ruled that the claimants had failed to prove that they had suffered damages under the Data Protection Act, and that the members of the class do not all have the same interest. The judge also noted that “it is impossible reliably to ascertain the members of the represented Class.”


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