Pleadings to be filled only in english: Delhi High Court

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The petitioner, a senior citizen, Mr. Dk chopra filed a petition in the Hindi. He claimed that the registry of the court refused to accept the same as it was not in English. The petitioner submitted that English is not even one of the 22 official languages according to the Eighth schedule to the Constitution of India. it was also submitted that as per Official Languages Act, 1963 the official language of Delhi was Hindi and so he sought a permission to file the pleadings in Hindi.

Therefore it was contended by the petitioner that Delhi HC Rules in Volume- V, chapter-1 was violative of Article 19 as it prescribes that all pleading should be in English language only. The court however relied on Article 348 of Constitution Of India and stated that rule mandating English language only for filling of petitions is in accordance with the constitutional provisions.