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Online Legal Service and Advice Our Legal World & Lawyal Associates

Online Legal Service : Our Legal World & Lawyal Associates Services

Our Legal World is a online legal service, legal news, law school, law notes, law columns etc. portal. Our Legal World is a one-stop knowledge portal and a community of information for all Law students, professionals and Law institutes, Litigant, Corporate Houses, Startups, etc  with the motto – Law ABOUT LAW.

Lawyal Associates is a full-fledged law firm, having two offices in Mumbai and Delhi.


We offering services that cover the legal needs of startups and established new businesses. In addition, we offer a wide range of services to individuals, organization, institution in  such as agreements and tax filings etc.

Our Online Legal Services


Business Registrations

  • Public Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • One Person Company
  • Partnership Firm

Application of Cancellation of Bailable Warrant Format

Legal Documentation    

Hiring  Documents

  • Employment Contract
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Freelancer Agreement

Business Collaboration

  •  Memorandum of Understanding
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement

                                                                                                         Service or Vendor-Related   

  •  Service Level Agreement
  • Master Service Agreement
  •  Vendor Agreement


  • Confidentiality/Reatrictive
  •  Non-Disclosure Agreement

Know the Copyright Registration Procedure- Our Legal World

Tax Filings & Registrations

  • Goods & Service Tax Registration
  • GST Filings
  • Professional Tax Registration
  • Income Tax Return

NGO Registration 

  1.  NGO Registration
  2.  Section 8 Company Registration
  3.  Society Registration
  4. Trust Registration


  1. Trademark and Copyright Registration
  2.  Trademark objection
  3.  Trademark and Copyright Agreement
  1. Online Internship Opportunity: Legal News & Content Writing @ Our Legal World [1-2 month]: Apply now


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