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You will get Legal contract, Drafting, Legal documents, Legal agreement & Legal Research Services: OurLegalWorld

A dynamic professional with the overall experience of 2 plus years specialising in legal drafting Contract Management, Statutory Compliance, Company Laws, IPR Laws, & Vetting etc.

Scope of my practice involves:

We undertake a range of contract and agreement requirements. Our contract drafting services are for Business Entities, Companies, Individual that need contracts to work with employees/partners, and individuals with a variety of unique requirements. Our contract drafting/ legal documents services also for Startups and other people.

✨ Legal Drafting and Vetting
✨ Service Level Agreement
✨ Sales Agreement
✨ Purchase Agreement
Employment Agreement
✨ Offer Appointment Letter
✨ Freelancer / Independent Contractor Agreement
✨ NDA Agreement
✨ Non-Compete Agreement
✨ Non-Circumvention NNN Agreement
✨ Wills or Testament
✨ Website Terms and Conditions
✨ GDPR and CalOPPA Privacy Policy
✨ Memorandum of Understanding MoU
✨ Concierge Agreement
✨ Service Agreement
✨ Partnership Agreement
✨ LLC Operating Agreement
✨ Shareholders SHA Agreement
✨ Real Estate Purchase Agreement
✨ Lease / Rental Agreement
✨ Software License Agreement
✨ Website Development Agreement
✨ SEM, SMM, SEO Agreement
✨ Investment Agreement
✨ Influencer Agreement
✨ Life Coach Agreement
✨ Fitness Coach Agreement
✨ Esports Agreement
✨ Broker / Facilitator Agreement
✨ Commission Agreement
✨ Sales Rep. Agreement

This is not an exhaustive list but it shows how many projects are taking place.

Legal Research & Analysis

We provide top-notch legal research assisted by our specialized online research databases.

Why me?

As a contract lawyer, I strive to offer my clients peace of mind by drafting powerful documents to protect their financial interests. And my reviews speak for themselves 🙂

Make the best investment in your future with this legal drafting service!

Language: English

Content Type:- Contracts & Agreement

Country: Canada, United States, India, UK etc.

Contact Details

For any query on agreements and legal vetting, feel free to connect with us. Contact us

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Lawyer, and MBA (Canada) 
Contract Drafting and Negotiation Expert: Legum Attorney
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