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NAA punish Maggi Dealer for Anti-Profiteering Charges

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

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 National Anti-Profiteering Authority punish Maggi Dealer for Anti-Profiteering Charges 

National Anti-Profiteering Authority has punished the Maggi Noodles Dealer UP-based for passing the reduced GST rate benefits to the Consumers. 

Applicant alleged before NAA that when he purchased Maggi Noodle packs, having MRP of Rs. 5/, consumers does not passed the benefit of reduction of GST rates on the Maggi Noodles after 15.11.2017. The GST rate on Maggi was reduced from 18% to 12% after 15.11.2017, however, when the applicant purchased the same goods from the respondent, according to petitioner, respondent had not passed the reduction of GST rate to consumer. 

The NAA found that the Respondent has not such liberty to arbitrarily decide, to pass on the benefit to products. "As per the provisions of Section 171 of the Act benefit has to be passed on to each recipient and the same can't be selectively granted or denied."

NAA finding, the respondent is guilty, and determined the quantum of profiteering as Rs. 90,778/- including the profiteering of Rs. 2,253/- made by the Respondent. NAA also directed to reduce the price of the product commensurate to reduction in the rate of tax.

In  order NAA also directed to refund an amount of Rs. 2,253/- to the Applicant with interest. Since other customers of maggi are not identifiable, respondent shall deposit the balance amount Rs/ 88,525/- along with interest at 18%, to Central or State Consumer Welfare Fund. 


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